Are You Willing to do the Digging?

This morning I woke on fire, ready to get some stuff done around the house, for grad school, and prepare for the week ahead. I spent some time this morning sitting on my back deck with my cup of coffee dreaming of what my back yard might eventually be, and all of my to doContinue reading “Are You Willing to do the Digging?”

It’s Easy to be Your Biggest Critic

If someone were to walk up to you right now and tell you that you looked nice, what would be your response? Often mine includes, “well I showered today”. Why? Well, it’s easy to dismiss a compliment because I don’t know how to respond. It always felt cocky, overconfident, or arrogant.  It wasn’t until thisContinue reading “It’s Easy to be Your Biggest Critic”

In Honor Of The Mom

When I first started teaching about villages in a classroom setting, immediately every student would ask about having their mom as part of their own village. Over time I started to really think about mothers being part of one’s village. At first I had a thought process that felt like, “You can’t find any oneContinue reading “In Honor Of The Mom”