The 6 Best Types of Villagers: Who’s Who?

So you’ve figured out what type of village suits you best, but naming it doesn’t necessarily build it. It’s necessary to spend time reflecting who is best to put in your village. When I’ve worked with others to build their village, some assume that I’m listing different types of friendships that need to be inContinue reading “The 6 Best Types of Villagers: Who’s Who?”

It takes a village, but what’s the name of yours?

Community is defined as, “friendship between different people or groups, and a sense of having something in common” (Collins Dictionary). In 2018, I began teaching a class about youth mentoring at our local university. I wanted to give the students applicable resources to use while they were serving in a local youth organization. It beganContinue reading “It takes a village, but what’s the name of yours?”