Mr. or Mrs. Fix It

Has someone ever shared something with you and immediately you know what to do? Hmmm…me too. I spend hours during the week mentoring young adults and feel sometimes like a therapist. I’ve worked hard to earn the right to be heard in their lives, but sometimes I realize I like to be “heard” too much.Continue reading “Mr. or Mrs. Fix It”

5 Things My Horse Taught Me about Relationships

I started riding when I was eight years old. For all these years, my horse world has been my safe haven. It’s where I find joy, love, trust, and hope. In my professional career, I teach our volunteers how to build healthy foundational relationships with students. That is innate in me and in some recentContinue reading “5 Things My Horse Taught Me about Relationships”

Are You the Lone Ranger or the Lone Wolf?

Have you ever felt like you are the “lone ranger” of your group, your community, or your village? I can empathize. For years in my profession I was the lone ranger, literally the only one in a staff position in our community. Being in Reno, the closest other staff member was in the Tahoe vicinityContinue reading “Are You the Lone Ranger or the Lone Wolf?”

Living Life in the Fish Bowl

This week I sat with my childhood best friend and talked about something that unfortunately I know all too well: losing a parent. There were many conversations had that revolved around this topic from steps after her parent passes to even processing her emotions as she continues to care for her parent alongside her familyContinue reading “Living Life in the Fish Bowl”

Hope Rising

Each year as part of my position in my professional life, we attend a week-long, highly intensive class to continue our education in our field. In 2020, the class I was to take was called Minister as Person taught by John Evans, MFT. Everyone in our organization raved about this class and how life changingContinue reading “Hope Rising”

What’s Your Restart Button?

In a recent conversation with a young adult, she shared that she had been avoiding me. Well, being in the line of work I’m in, that doesn’t offend me. Usually I get a little excited because that means there’s hope on the horizon. It’s the start to a new process of change. I’ve been partContinue reading “What’s Your Restart Button?”