What’s Your Why?

From an outside perspective, building a strong community around you is healthy for us as human beings. There are actual benefits to our health when we are intentional in building these relationships around us. According to Northwestern Medicine, they see the benefits include: less stress and more happiness better healing from physical, emotional, and verbalContinue reading “What’s Your Why?”

Call Out the Gold

You’ve spent some time thinking through a group of people that will help you step into your potential, but now what? You need to ask them to help you. You are probably thinking to yourself how I often think about the idea of asking for help — “you’re nuts”! Yes and no. Asking for helpContinue reading “Call Out the Gold”

Cherishing Connection

Little did we know a year ago, how much community would change in our own lives, in our cities and communities, and ultimately in our world. I think a year ago, I would have said how grateful I am for certain communities that I live in; for instance, every Thursday morning, I meet with aContinue reading “Cherishing Connection”

The 6 Best Types of Villagers: Who’s Who?

So you’ve figured out what type of village suits you best, but naming it doesn’t necessarily build it. It’s necessary to spend time reflecting who is best to put in your village. When I’ve worked with others to build their village, some assume that I’m listing different types of friendships that need to be inContinue reading “The 6 Best Types of Villagers: Who’s Who?”

It takes a village, but what’s the name of yours?

Community is defined as, “friendship between different people or groups, and a sense of having something in common” (Collins Dictionary). In 2018, I began teaching a class about youth mentoring at our local university. I wanted to give the students applicable resources to use while they were serving in a local youth organization. It beganContinue reading “It takes a village, but what’s the name of yours?”