In Honor Of The Mom

When I first started teaching about villages in a classroom setting, immediately every student would ask about having their mom as part of their own village. Over time I started to really think about mothers being part of one’s village. At first I had a thought process that felt like, “You can’t find any oneContinue reading “In Honor Of The Mom”

Transition is Tough

I write this blog post on the eve of so many transitions ahead. For the last year and almost a half, I lived in my mom’s house while my house has slowly been transformed. When I moved into her house two days before she ultimately passed, I had no idea about the transitions to come.Continue reading “Transition is Tough”

Honoring the Mess

I’m honored to be included on our church’s teaching team and I don’t take it lightly. So when I’m asked to teach to our church, I spend weeks agonizing over how to say things so that people of all walks of life can understand and apply it to their daily lives. Being in the worldContinue reading “Honoring the Mess”

Do You Fight Fair?

My undergraduate work was in Communication Studies and I would have probably thought that I communicate with others pretty well.  I was once sitting in a teaching on communication and after the professor asked a series of questions I definitely needed to re-evaluate that statement.  I consistently have to remind myself that “communication is transformational,Continue reading “Do You Fight Fair?”


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