In Honor Of The Mom

When I first started teaching about villages in a classroom setting, immediately every student would ask about having their mom as part of their own village. Over time I started to really think about mothers being part of one’s village. At first I had a thought process that felt like, “You can’t find any oneContinue reading “In Honor Of The Mom”

Time Spent

This afternoon, snowed dumped down unexpectedly and for a good amount of time. There’s something about the snow that made me reminisce. My mom loved the snow flurries. Her favorite part was opening a bottle of wine in the evening, watching the snow fall and ordering in, which was a big deal in our eatingContinue reading “Time Spent”

Call Out the Gold

You’ve spent some time thinking through a group of people that will help you step into your potential, but now what? You need to ask them to help you. You are probably thinking to yourself how I often think about the idea of asking for help — “you’re nuts”! Yes and no. Asking for helpContinue reading “Call Out the Gold”

Cherishing Connection

Little did we know a year ago, how much community would change in our own lives, in our cities and communities, and ultimately in our world. I think a year ago, I would have said how grateful I am for certain communities that I live in; for instance, every Thursday morning, I meet with aContinue reading “Cherishing Connection”